Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New Moon from Target for $4.99!

I will be purchasing New Moon for $4.99 on Saturday morning.  This incredible price is due to my cereal savings at Target this week.  I was able to score 8 boxes of cereal for $0.50 a box and 4 boxes for $0.76 a box.  I did this in three transactions.  One was made earlier this week when I stopped at Target during my lunch break.  The other two were today. 

This week Target is running a special on Kellogg's cereal and Pop Tarts.  When you purchase 4 of these items, you receive a $5 gift card.  On the three transactions the 4 boxes of cereal were: $10.16, $11.54 and $10.08.  I used $3.00 in coupons on two of the orders and $2.50 in coupons on the other.  I paid the following out of pocket for each of the orders:  $7.16, $8.04, and $7.08. 

I did this in 3 separate transactions to make sure I received the $5 gift card for each of them.  After the gift card my final prices for each order of 4 boxes of cereal were: $2.16, $3.04, and $2.08.  That made them $0.54, $0.76 and $0.52 a box! 

Now I have $15 in Target gift cards to use toward my purchase of New Moon.  Now I can enjoy my movie and we can all eat cereal for dinner :)

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