Friday, March 26, 2010

Coupon Savings Week of 3/21 - Meijer

I made my second trip to Meijer after work today, my first was yesterday.  I made Jason tag along to assist and see my mad coupon skills before he heads back to Atlanta.  I had to stop there again today because I forgot my $1.00 off South Beach bars coupons and Jason needed the bars to take to Atlanta with him.  I bought 3 boxes, they were on sale for $2.50 each and with my coupon they were $1.50 each.

It was a slow week for items at Meijer.  After the amazing deals I had last week with 10 for $10, it was a disappointment.   I know I can't expect huge sales and deals each week, so I just have to wait in anticipation for the next weekly ad to come out.

Order Summary: 
Spent:  $16.45

Total Savings: $30.14
1 box of Biz stain fighter ($3.99 had $2.50 coupon)
4 gallons 2% milk (on sale 2 for $4)
2 4 packs of Atkins shakes (2 for $10 had $1.00 off each)
2 packs of men's disposable razors ($5.24 each.  Had $4 off 1 and $3 off the other)
3 boxes of South Beach bars  ($2.50 each had 3 $1.00 coupons)

I also used the $10 I earned last week.  No money toward my next order (catalina) deals were earned this week. 

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