Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How Are You Doing This?

I frequently get asked how I am saving so much money at the store.  This is a result of posting notes on Facebook about my couponing adventures, my status updates discuss the savings, and now this blog.  I rely mostly on money saving bloggers and facebook friends to let me know where the sales are and what the best match ups for the week will be.

This week was the first week I attempted the match ups myself with my Meijer trip.  I knew I wanted to stop there on Monday, the ad was out but none of the websites had posted the match ups yet.  Most of them were fairly obvious.  Chex Mix was 10 for $10, I had $0.50 coupons that are doubled so the Chex Mix was free.

My grocery savings post from earlier this week reflected that trip to Meijer.  One of my favorite bloggers, Happy Homemaker Cindy posted the match ups for Meijer and I realized there were a few I missed.  I made a second trip to Meijer today to pick up those few items. 

Here is where I am getting my information:
-weekly grocery store ads (Giant Eagle, Meijer, Kroger)
-weekly drug store ads (CVS & Walgreens)
-weekly national store ads (Target)
     -Happy Homemaker Cindy
     -BeCentsable, LLC
     -Deal Seeking Mom
-Meijer Meal Box Coupons - these are store coupons that can be used with manufacturer coupons to increase savings.  They can also be found on Meijer's website.
-E-Coupons for use at Kroger: through the Kroger website you can link to Cellfire and Shortcuts to add coupons to your Kroger shopper card.  I have found that the e-coupon comes off one item in addition to a manufacturers coupon.
-I have become a fan of some of the deal hunters and information about deals and freebies appear in my news feed on facebook.  These have been valuable because it alerts you early when there is a high value coupon or a giveaway that you need to take advantage of quickly since there are only a certain number of coupons that can be printed or items given away.
     -Coupon Geek
     -Money Saving Mom
     -Freebies 4 Mom
     -The Centsable Lady
     -Deal Seeking Mom

I personally don't find going to multiple stores an issue.  I am lucky enough to live in an area where the stores I find the best deals at are within minutes from each other, many are often just across the street. If going to multiple stores doesn't work for you, then use the reference above to find out how to save the most at your favorite grocery/drug store and continue to shop at just one place.

My time spent in the actual store had decreased dramatically.  I am spending more time at home planning the shopping trip and less time in the store.  I like this approach much better than how I previously shopped. I used to spend hours at Sam's Club and sometimes the other grocery stores picking up items without thinking of the price.  If we needed it, I bought it.  If I had a list, I always bought more than what was on the list.

Now I go into the store with my list in hand and coupons ready.  I only buy what I have on my list and that usually includes a coupon or good sale price.  I also figure out how many of each item I can put on an order to maximize the double coupons or catalina deals that give me money on my next order.

I often have 2-4 separate orders when I get to the register.  I keep them straight by using a cart but then putting the baskets you carry in the cart.  You can easily fit 3 of these baskets. I then fill them with the items from my list for each order and put the on the belt at the register when checking out.  I let the cashier know each is a separate order and haven't had any issues.

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