Thursday, March 25, 2010

Coupon Savings Week of 3/14 (Part 2) - Meijer

I have been delaying this post for the past week, not sure why since it was possibly one of my best trips to Meijer so far. I went to Mejier once and realized that I missed out on a few deals during their 10 for $10 event.  I went through my coupons did some more match ups and stopped at the store for one more shot at finding deals to stock up.

To maximize my money earned toward my next order, I broke my purchases up into four separate orders.  I learned that Mejier only doubles the first two like item coupons so I wanted to be sure I only had two of each same item on each order.

Order Quick View (total items in all 4 orders): 
Spent:  $19.96

Total Savings: $56.12
Earned: $10 on my next order
16 boxes of Betty Crocker fruit snacks
2 boxes Bagel Bites
3 Land O' Lakes spreadable butter
2 Betty Crocker potato packets
4 bottles fruit juice
8 bags of Green Giant frozen vegetables

I am not going to go into the specific detail of each order as I usually do because they were all pretty much the same.  2 veggies, 4 fruit snacks, 1 bottle juice, and as you can see from the numbers 3 had butter, 2 had bagel bites and potatoes.  The total for three of the orders was $5.04 each and I earned $2.50 toward my next order for each of them.  The fourth order was $4.84 and I also earned $2.50 toward my next order on that one.

With the money toward my next order the total for all of the above items was a little over $9.00.

The juice ended up being $0.17 a bottle.  This was because I was able to stack a $0.50 Meijer mealbox coupon with a $0.50 manufacturer coupon (doubled).  The juice was $1.67 and I received $1.50 off with my two coupons, so they were $0.17 each.

The bagel bites were free because they were part of the 10 for $10 and I had $1.00 off coupons.  The vegetables were free as they were also part of the 10 for $10 and I had $0.50 off coupons that were doubled to $1.00.  Same with the butter.

The potatoes were $0.20, they were part of the 10 for $10 but my coupon was only for $0.40.  Still $0.20 for a side dish of potatoes is a pretty good price.

Lastly, the fruit snacks were $1.66 each (3 for $5).  My coupon was for $0.50 off of two and when you purchased 4, you receive $2.50 toward your next order.  I bought 4 boxes on each order, used two $0.50 coupons which made them $4.64 for the 4 boxes.  Subtract the $2.50 earned and it was $2.14 for 4 boxes or $0.54 a box.

The kids are LOVING the fruit snacks and can't seem to get enough of them.  I must admit I sneak a fruit roll up on occasion as well.  Having the large supply saved me from running to the store the night before Liam's snack day at school.

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