Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kroger Savings Week of 8/8 - This Might be My Best Trip Yet!

My cart when leaving the store today
My trip to Kroger this week amazed me.  I was able to take advantage of double coupons, B1G1 free Sobe coupons and the $4 off Mega Event.  The Mega Event took $4 off your order for every 8 specified items purchased.  I ended up with $12 off just from this.  The best deal was probably the Sobe water, they were regularly $1.19 per bottle.  With the Mega Event, the bottles were $0.69 each when you purchased 8.  When using the B1G1 coupons the cashier puts in the listed price for the item which was $1.19.  This means I was able to get the Sobe water for less than $0.10 each!  It is on sale again this week, so get your coupons and stock up while you can.

I get the coupons from:  B1G1 Sobe Link.  You have to play the unscrew the cap game, I always receive the coupon it is a Bricks coupon which means you can print it twice, just use your browsers back button after the first time printing.  You can get the coupon once a day, I usually make my trip to Kroger on Saturday morning which means I can get 14 of these coupons throughout the week if I remember to log on each day to play.

Spent: $20.23
Saved:  $76.31
Earned: $3 on my next order
When I initially saw my total of $96.00 I thought there was no way I would be able to get out of the store for less than $50.  Once my Kroger Plus card kicked in and my coupons were scanned, I was very happy to see the savings.

Items Purchased:
3 boxes CoCo Puffs cereal
4 jugs of Sunny D
2 boxes Hefty Gallon storage bags
2 boxes Hefty Quart storage bags
16 bottles Sobe Lifewater
4 bags Quaker True Delight rice cakes
8 cans Progresso Soup (this earned my $3 OYNO as well as $4 of Mega Event savings)
2 jars Welch's jam
1 container Oscar Meyer Deli Lunchmeat

My receipt - the scanned coupons are almost as long as the items purchased

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