Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Giant Eagle Savings This Week

The Giant Eagle ads running Thursday to Wednesday always mess up my postings because I never know which week of savings to categorize them in.  I do like that I don't feel obligated to hit Giant Eagle in my usual Saturday shopping trip as I can easily go there during lunch one day and pick up what I need when they aren't as busy.

This week I was able to score some decent deals on yogurt, applesauce and trash bags. 
Here is the breakdown:
Giant Eagle
Spent:  $12.28
Saved:  $19.41
Earned: $0.20 fuelperks
Items Purchased:
2 boxes Hefty garbage bags
2 packs Musselmanns applesauce
1 Danimal crush cups 4 pack
1 Danimal 6 pack smoothies
2 4 packs YoCrunch 100 calorie (so yummy)
1 pack Breyers kids yogurt
1 pack Dannon kids yogurt
1 fresh salad from the salad bar ($1.48)

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