Sunday, August 8, 2010

CVS Week of 8/1 - Found a few surprises!

Spent:  $15.82
Saved:  $18.40
Earned: $11 ECBs
Received:  coupon for $5 off $25 or more and offer for $4 off $20 for updating my email addres
Items Purchased:
10 bottles of Vitamin Water Zero
2 Thermacare Back wraps
3 packs Dentyne Gum

I went to CVS planning to buy just the back wraps because I need them but don't like to purchase them because they are so expensive.  This week they were 2 for $12.98 + you received $5 in ECBs.  I had one $3 off coupon, in hindsight I should have printed a second coupon to save even more but it slipped my mind.

As I was going through my coupons before shopping I found 2 $1.00 off Dentyne gum that were expiring on 8/7.  I figured I could use those to get a pretty good deal on gum. Since CVS was my first stop, I checked the prices there first.  I bought on pack of Dentyne Pure for $1.29. With my coupon it was only $0.29.  Dentyne had the other gum B1G1 free so I was able to get a 2 pack for $0.29 with my coupon. This is only $0.15 per pack!

The surprise for me this week was Vitamin Water being 10 for $10.  I usually wouldn't pay $1 for a bottle of water but if you bought 10 you received $5 ECBs.  Jason and I both like the water so I know we will drink it and at $0.50 per bottle it is easier for me to buy them.

Lastly, I received the $1 ECB for using my Green Bag Tag.  If you shop at CVS and aren't using this, you are missing out.  You purchase the tag and have it scanned every time you make a purchase, including picking up prescriptions in the drive through.  For every 4 scans you receive $1 ECB.

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