Thursday, May 20, 2010

Coupon Savings Week of 5/16 - Meijer

This week was interesting for me at Meijer.  My Sunday paper subscription had expired a few weeks ago and I have been so off the radar with couponing that I didn't even miss it!  I am back on track and was going to call tomorrow to renew the subscription.  As I was heading to the check out in Meijer today a representative from the Dispatch was signing up people for subscriptions for $9.90 a month (cheaper than what I had it for before) and he was giving $10 Meijer gift cards if you signed up. 

I didn't have coupons for everything I purchased this week. Tomato soup was on sale 2 for $1 so that made my purchase bearable but I know if I had coupons for it I would have gotten a better deal.  Oh well, it is the only thing Liam wants to pack in his lunch so I picked up 8 cans.

Check out summary:
Total spent:  $50.40
Total savings: $65.07 (includes my $10 gift card)

Order summary:
8 cans Tomato soup
2 gallons 2% milk
2 Meijer little puffs
10 Lean Cuisine
2 boxes of Crystal Light single packs
2 Kraft salad dressings
2 bottles Bull's Eye BBQ sauce
2 Del Monte fruit chillers
1 pack of DanActive smoothies
1 pack of Danimals smoothies
1 bag Bird's Eye steam fresh veggies
1 box of Super Pretzels
1 pack of Sandwich Thins
2 jumbo packs of Huggies
4 12 packs of Diet Coke
2 Nerds ropes (for the boys)

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